Studio Launch October 2023

Photographs of an amazing launch event at GamerFest in the RDS.

It was an incredible weekend.

Thanks to Stuart and all the team at GamerFest for having us. I told you I’d be causing trouble – but hopefully, we made it worth your while. All the fans had a great time. We had 20 people on the ground covering most of the show.

We launched our show with Savage X, the dance crew – performing a KPOP dance promoting Ventilate our Steam Punk Game. Check the video here:

Sodem Solan and the crew did an Amazing job.

5 Games Launched

We showcased 5 games. That’s impressive for a company launch.

  • Ventilate
  • The Gauntlet
  • RECOiL
  • Crystal Edge Retribution
  • Don’t Whack a Mole

Check out our games on Steam

Celebrity Dancing:

We met John Romero, “The Doom Guy” and founder of Romero Games – Wow. It’s so cool to meet your hero. John is a gentleman and up for fun. He took part in an impromptu dance session with our Savage X crew on his stand as well.

IT Rescue:

We have to say a HUGE Shout-out to GG Games who helped us. Two of our gaming machines died on day one and the team in GG Games came to the rescue. They help us get up and running again with some excellent hardware, controllers, and monitors. What Rockstars!  They couldn’t have helped us out more. They came over in minutes and we were up and running again in no time. We know where to buy our new machines from. GG Machines


Crystal Edge Retribution and Ventilate were both available to play at the eir Stand. Thanks to Dorian and the team for managing the stand and helping all the players. We soon ran out of brochures and stickers – we were that busy.

Back at Scattergood Castle on the main stand, we had lots of machines showing all our games. It was a full-on weekend. We had a great interest in our games with the team was kept busy all day. Thanks to all the play-testers. People wanted to buy our games even though we only had alpha versions on display. That’s great. We found a few bugs (cough cough) and I’m sure they are all fixed now. It was great for the development teams to meet the players and see their games played. We spotted a few brilliant players and areas to be improved. Overall a valuable event for everyone.

What a Weekend…

Thanks guys!