• Rosalyn - Ventilate - Game character


From Ink-Fox Studios. A single-player bullet-hell game in a steampunk world where constructs have gone rogue. Use steam to fuel your weapons. Find your family and escape the collapsing city.

-Core Mechanics:

Fast action bullet hell, unique abilities and gadgets providing different playstyles. Abilities use steam which can be replenished at fixed locations in the world.

Loop of moving forward and coming across a rogue construct encounter, defeating the construct and moving on while gaining insight and developments in the plot to justify the player’s progression.


Progression will be managed by adding new enemies, different enemy compositions, unique area formations, and level design. Players will gain new abilities and tools by progressing through the game so the player has the feeling of progression.


As a construction worker your day is thrown into turmoil as constructs begin to go rogue. You must fight your way through the city now falling to pieces to find your family, uncovering the reasons for the constructs going rogue and who or what is involved with it.

Rosalyn - Ventilate - Game character

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