GamerFest 2023

Studio Launch October 2023

Photographs of our amazing launch event at GamerFest in the RDS.

Ventilate DevBlog #2

Ventilate DevBlog #2

So, it’s time for another little update.

We’re happy with the progress we’ve made on bits and pieces but over the next week, it should all come together more to form a cohesive whole.

Ventilate Devblog

Do you create all your graphics from scratch or do you use prebuilt models? We decided to create all our own graphics for Ventilate. Here’s part of the story…

Mandelbrot set Image


What are fractals?

In mathematics, a fractal is a geometric shape created typically by a mathematical function.

Arc Drawing Algorithm

Coding: Fast drawing arc algorithm in C. Part of our low level coding series

Bresenham line octants

Bresenham’s Line Algorithm

How do you draw a really fast line?

If you’re into 3D computer graphics this is usually the first question you’ll be challenged with. Drawing a line is easy. But how do you do it quickly?