Do you have a game to sell?

We are actively looking for small casual games to by up to €1000. If you own all the rights and are interesting in selling the game to us we’d be happy to take a look.This is an ideal opportunity for new developers to get their foot in the commercial world.

We currently are working with Defold Engine – so if you have games coded on this platform we’re especially interested right now.

Freelance Software Developers : Defold or Unity

We’re currently looking to expand our team of freelance Defold and Unity Game Developers. You can work anywhere in the world. Send your CV to damian (a)

Freelance Music Artists:

Creative musician and love writing game music? We’re building our team of musicians for future projects, drop us a line to join our team. All music genres welcome., but we do like synth and metal. Send your CV to damian (a)

Freelance Graphic Artists : 2d Bitmap / Pixel Graphics

Yes, old school graphics. We like Retro so are looking for pixel artists to draw our latest sprites for us.

Freelance Graphic Artists : 3d Design and Modelling.

If you prefer 3D modelling and mesh designs we’re building for future projects. Particular interest is asian styles at the moment, manga, sword, ancient armies, based around action games. Let us know about your work, style and what you want to do in the future.

Send your CV to damian (a)