About Scattergood Studios

Owned by Damian Scattergood we’ve been around a very long time.

Damian Started his video games career in the 1980s.

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Who is Damian Scattergood?

Damian Scattergood is the founder of Scattergood Studios. He is a game developer, avid game player, and entrepreneur. Damian was one of the most prolific game developers in the 1980s and probably the first famous game developer from Ireland. He still develops games today.

Starting as an indie developer in the 80’s he is one of Ireland’s first game developers, and probably Ireland’s first big game development celebrity.

He was one of the first commercial game developers in Ireland having worked with New Concepts developing ‘Surf Champ’ the first surfing simulator game in 1980 on the CBM 64. This was recently covered by the BBC as part of its retro sports game coverage.

He later joined Emerald Software as lead Z80 Developer for Spectrum and Amstrad.

He’s had a number of top 10 games in the UK including Moonwalker the Michael Jackson hit game in 1989. Other hits include Vigilante an Arcade conversion and SuperTed a Cosgrove Hall TV license from the 80s. He has been featured in Sinclair User, Crash, and Your Sinclair and wrote articles on game development for many magazines.

Damian knows a thing or two about successful game design. He founded his first game company “Scatz Computer Games”, when he was just 17. The company released a number of games including Radical Moves a platformer and Planet Storm a 3D vector game.

Recently he launched Scattergood Studios to re-enter the retro gaming sector

Damian Scattergood