Key dates in the history of computer games.

1 Jan dates – means we are still updating the actual day/month for the launch.

Date (Day, Month, Year)Machine / GameEvent Details
29 Nov 1972PongAtari Releases Pong
1 Jan 1977Atari 2600Launch of Atari 2600
1 Jan 1978Space InvadersTaito Launches Space Invaders
1 Jul 1980Pac ManLaunch of Pac Man
1 Jan 1981Donkey Kong
1 Jan 1981ZX81
1 Jan 1982Tron
1 Jan 1984Tetris
1 Jan 1985The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
1 Jan 1987Legend of Zelda
1 Jan 1989Nintendo Game Boy
1 Jan 1991Sonic The Hedgehog
1 Jan 1993Sinclair ZX Spectrum
1 Jan 1994Warcraft
4 Dec 1994PlayStation 1 LaunchSony Launches the Playstation. The most famous games console on the planet was born. The first playstation was launched in Japan on Dec 4th 1994.
1 Jan 1995Playstation 1 launch in US
1 Jan 1996Nintendo 64
1 Jan 1996Tomb raider
1 Jan 2000Playstation 2 Launch
1 Jan 2001XBOX Launches