Radical Moves – Amiga 500

A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Radical Moves

A release of our 1992 Amiga game featuring “Radical Rob”. A 99-level platformer where you have to rid the world of evil fluffies, collect drink cans, and work your way through each level.

Suitable for all Amiga formats (A500, A600, etc)

With his mean shades and amazingly loud baseball cap, he surely leads the way in 90’s designer fashion.

It’s a fun cartoon-style game with Rob, being the radical dude at the center of the action.

With a Wham!, Bam! and Kabam! Rob takes on all comers to fight his way to the bitter end. Hot on his heels are various meanies all with one thing on their mind – Robs Downfall!!!.

Life is not all bad as Rob has an unlimited supply of plasma bombs to clobber baddies with. Once hit, a meanie will remain stunned for a few seconds. This gives Rob enough time to run over them and finish them off.

But you’ve gotta be quick as they don’t stay dazed for long.

The goonies are not too much trouble for Rob as they simply wander about. They can be knocked off pretty easily. It’s the fuzzies you have got to watch out for. Some of them wander about, but others will watch you and make darts toward you. Green and Reds can jump platforms – so beware.

The secret to winning is easy. Collect the drink cans quickly, kill the bad guys, and get to the next level.

Some bad guys release balloons which if collected give you bonuses such as extra scores, lives, forcefield, and even a smart bomb to kill everything on screen in one go.

Remember – being “Totally Radical” isn’t easy.

Radical Moves