Gaming History Damian Scattergood Softography

1984InsomniaZX SpectrumSee on Youtube:, Get on Itch :
1986SurfchampCommodore 64Read about Surfchamp on the BBC Website:
SkichampZX Spectrum and IBM PC
Vidy VodyZX Spectrum and Amstrad
Surface TensionZX Spectrum
YS CapersZX Spectrum
SuperTed the search for spot.ZX Spectrum and Amstrad
MoonwalkerZX Spectrum and AmstradSee our slopes interview here:
VigilanteZX Spectrum and Amstrad
The DeepZX Spectrum and Amstrad
BlamZX Spectrum
Radical Moves 1992: See on Youtube : 500
Get on Itch
PlanetstormAmiga 500, IBM PC
The running ManZX Spectrum
Commercial Products
Smart Draw
CAD Programming
Sinclair User, Crash, Your Sinclair
The charts
UK Game ratings
Educational Software for Mentor Educational Services
The ones that got away. Game that didn’t make it
Original Blam
Bruce Lee
The Wacky Races