Micro Funding for Business

We believe there are plenty of creators out there looking for small investment just to get the ball rolling on their vision. It might be a short film in college or a game concept you have. If only you could get that first few dollars to finish the graphics or put the game on the Google Play store. All those small fees add up.

We help and support micro projects. We started small, just like you. Our life started with a ZX Spectrum and less than $50 cash. We know the value of making that first step and having some support. A little belief goes a long way.

We want to help and be part of your journey. So that’s why we created our investment fund.

If you’ve got a project that needs a producer, a little financial or moral support drop us a line.

What we ask in return?

It depends on the project, it might be just a credit, or a small stake in the project. We’re inventive and creative – so drop us a line, and an idea and let’s start a discussion.

Would we buy a game?

Yes, we would. We are actively looking for small casual games to buy up to €1000. If you own all the rights and are interesting in selling the game we’d be happy to take a look.

This is an ideal opportunity for new developers to get their foot in the commercial world.

We currently are working with Defold Engine – so if you have games coded on this platform we’re especially interested right now.